VioVetVioVet is the UK's number one online retailer of pet food and medication. We're passionate about pets, most of our staff are dedicated pet owners and we have within our team an experienced resident vet, a veterinary nurse, a nationally known dog breeder and experienced equestrian staff on hand and available to advise if you need help.

Pup Aid is very grateful to VioVet for helping promote our e-petition to ban the sale of young puppies and kittens without their mothers being present. #WheresMum

We offer superb value for money with many of the leading brands of food, medication, toys and eqiestrian supplies being offered at substantial savings on the manufacturers RRPs or veterinary clinic prices.

Often these can be 50% cheaper compared to your vets. If your pet or horse requires medium to long term medication, specialist food, supplements or simply a treat or new bed, VioVet will be able to supply it from out continuously expanding range of over 30,000 products supplied either by one of the country's leading wholesalers (probably the same ones that your own vets use) or direct from the manufacturer.

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Only buy a puppy if:

  • You can see puppy interacting with mum
  • It's a breeder recommended by the Kennel Club (preferably Assured Breeder)
  • It's a rescue centre that's a registered charity

Be suspicious of a puppy farmed pup if:

  • Mum isn't there (she's most likely miles away on cruel puppy farm)
  • You're told mum's at the vet, been run over, sick, basically anywhere else
  • Price is either very cheap (£100-£350) or very expensive (£2000-£7000)
  • Pup is being sold in a pet shop or garden centre
  • Pup is sold from website, Friday Ad, motorway service station, pub
  • You're offered free delivery