Autumn Red

Autumn RedHailing from Brighton, Autumn red offer the modern edge of alt country-folk. Bursting with intensity and integrity, the shows are alive with power yet at times possess a beautiful vulnerability.

“Old-time music played by young guys bringing things in to 21st century.”

The debut self-release album Dead Fools Gold was released in January and already has sold in huge numbers, down to recent gigging alone.

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Bitter Ruin

Bitter RuinDescribed as ‘Amazing noir indie-folk’ by Latest7, Brighton’s weekly lifestyle magazine, Bitter Ruin are an explosive, theatrical acoustic duo with grasping lyrics filthy with energy and anger.

Renowned for their intense and dramatic live performances, their audiences are mesmerized by Georgia’s vicious, complex vocals and are left desperate to hear more of Ben’s brutal vocal attack and cutting, jagged acoustic guitar.

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Conrad Vingoe

Conrad VingoeConrad Vingoe is a singer/songwriter based in Brighton(UK). Self releasing his first solo album “Highwire” in 2006 Conrad has subsequently toured England and Europe and supported the likes of Turin Brakes, Kate Walsh (Union Chapel), Sam Amidon and The Miserable Rich amongst others.

Winning the PRS new music award in 2007 led to a nationally released Ep. Conrad then recorded an Ep with Tim Bidwell (Kate Walsh, Peggy Sue, Lucky Jim). The best of the these Eps were compiled for his critically acclaimed 2009 release “Spare Buttons and Bones”.

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ElsieBlondie meets Arctic Monkeys and looks good on the dance floor!

  • I sing
  • I write songs
  • I paint
  • I spoil my dog

I also sing for Sir Tom Jones.

Jay Kay

Jay KayJay Kay has a few rules.

He didn't get where he is – single after single walloping into the charts (over 20 of them to date), murdering on the dancefloor; 25 million copies sold of Jamiroquai's seven albums (including 2006's greatest hits); a career lasting (so far) an era-defying 18 years – by being vague, or slack.

First off, when he's writing songs, "if it doesn't sound good with just a keyboard and a voice or a guitar and a voice, drop it." All the best producers and musicians in the world – and Kay knows of what he speaks when it comes to killer compadres – and no matter how golden the funk groove, none of it will make a ho-hum song anything special. But get the base tune right and he's off...

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Los Albertos

Los AlbertosSince their formation in late 2002, Los Albertos have been creating a frenzy upon the dance floors and grassy fields of Europe with their inimitable foot-stompin', brass-blarin', and rip snortin' high energy blend of ska, punk, funk, dub and original beats.

Drawing upon a peculiarly twisted English humour (where The Comic Strip meets League of Gentlemen) this six-piece throw in some dynamite horn, guitar and drum action and invariably you end up with a band firing on all cylinders and on top of their game. It's dance music, Jim, but not as we know it…

Maria Daines

Maria DainesMaria Daines is a multi-award winning International vocalist and songwriter whose band opened for US artist Pink at Cardiff International Arena for the Party For Animals World Wide concert in August 2007, the last date of Pink's 'I'm Not Dead' tour.

The concert raised over £90,000 for six animal welfare charities. Based in the UK, Maria is an advocate for animal rights and welfare campaigning against breed specific legislation and issues of animal cruelty.

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