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The Pup Aid team and David GilmourPUP AID is a fun dog show organised by a group of dog-loving volunteers who believe the only way to end the cruel practice of puppy farming is to create as much public awareness about the issue as possible; by inviting celebrities, bands, artists, and of course the public and their dogs to all come together and make some noise on international Puppy Farming Awareness Day.

PUP AID's aim is simply to educate every member of the British public about the correct way to get a dog, either by adopting a rescue dog from any of the overflowing rescue centres in the UK, or visiting a responsible breeder where you will always see the puppy interacting with it's mother.

It's hoped that this widespread education will create enough awareness to stop people buying puppies from pet-shops or online from dealers and as a direct result reduce the demand for these poorly pups and finally end this evil practice of puppy farming for good.

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Only buy a puppy if:

  • You can see puppy interacting with mum
  • It's a breeder recommended by the Kennel Club (preferably Assured Breeder)
  • It's a rescue centre that's a registered charity

Be suspicious of a puppy farmed pup if:

  • Mum isn't there (she's most likely miles away on cruel puppy farm)
  • You're told mum's at the vet, been run over, sick, basically anywhere else
  • Price is either very cheap (£100-£350) or very expensive (£2000-£7000)
  • Pup is being sold in a pet shop or garden centre
  • Pup is sold from website, Friday Ad, motorway service station, pub
  • You're offered free delivery